General Information

Deimos Engenharia is a private Portuguese Aerospace Engineering company, delivering advanced design solutions and turn-key space SW systems since 2002. Building on a solid team of highly motivated and specialized engineers, Deimos Engenharia is now a reference player in the European space sector. Our business is focused in space systems design and operational software systems development and validation, in the areas of Mission Analysis, Guidance, Navigation and Control, Global Navigation Satellite Systems Technologies and Ground Segment Systems.

Research Facilities

Over the past decade, Deimos has developed and invested substantial effort in several GNSS tools, including: Orbit and Clock Determination Software Suite
GNSS FPGA Dual Frequency Receivers (50 channels)
GRANADA Environment and Navigation Simulator (E&N Sim) GNSS Receiver Blockset (Simulink MAtlab)
Ionospheric Modelling Prototypes
Laboratory equipment: GNSS High accuracy receivers, Professional antennas, Inertial Measurement Units, Computers. 

TREASURE Research Projects

  • Realtime provision of high accuracy orbits and clocks