General Information

Founded in 1842, TUDelft is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive technical university in the Netherlands. With over 19,500 students, over 370 PhD defenses per year and 4,700 employees of which 2,600 are scientists, it is an establishment of both national importance and significant international standing. TUDelft has strong research profile with the main focus on engineering and applied sciences. Therefore it ranks amongst the top universities in the world in the field of technology. In QS ranking per subject: TUDelft is ranked 2nd in Civil Engineering and 33th in Earth and Marine Science. The university as a whole is ranked 64th in the QS World university rankings. In addition, TUDelft is a member of IDEA League, a strategic alliance of five European leading universities of technology. The Department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing resides in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (one of the eight faculties) of TUDelft. Within the department we study planet Earth in all its facets, using state-of the art satellite and earth-based sensors. Fundamental disciplines that form the basis of our expertise are geodesy, atmospheric sciences and geophysics.

Research Facilities

PhD lab with desk, desktop computer / laptop, internet connection, access to university network, data storage and large computing facilities;
GNSS lab and data centre with access to 19 permanent receivers (6 in Delft), more than 25 geodetic receivers, surveying equipment, access to meteorological sites in Cabauw and Eindhoven.

TREASURE Research Projects

  • Tropospheric models