To develop the team ethos between the fellows and build strong links within the TREASURE network, the project will hold a series of network-wide events to provide:

  • Three, five-day summer schools
  • Three, two-day workshops and
  • A final conference

The programme will offer a carefully designed set of complementary and transferable skills so that all thirteen research fellows will be equally armed with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s competitive job market. This will support the host-based training that each of the fellows will receive, by providing qualified education, create critical mass and set the foundation for long-term collaboration among the research fellows, beyond the duration of the project.

Each TREASURE training event will have a limited number of spaces open to early-stage researchers from outside the project. For information about registering see the individual event details.

Each event will be hosted by different members of the partnership to ensure that full value is made of local skills and facilities. The proposed programme of events is listed below:

As they become available, the exact dates, timetable and registration details will be published on this site.

 Nottingham location

First TREASURE School

Date: 11 to 15 September 2017  

Host: University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

This was a levelling event that focussed on the overarching theme of GNSS.  Lectures were delivered by experts from the project, including partner organisations, keynotes were delivered by representatives of ESA and GSA.

The school started with a team-building day and concluded with a field visit to see a demonstration of GNSS guided agricultural technology.

More information and pictures from the School


 Roma location

First TREASURE Workshop
Initial Developments and Interaction with Academia and Industry

Date: 17 to 18 April 2018 

Host: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome, Italy

The workshop aims primarily to allow the TREASURE fellows to expose their research initial directions and gather feedback from within and outside the project’s network.  The project is also very keen to interact with the related community and to that end, a limited number of additional presentations will be accommodated from academia and industry in the network and from external speakers. Open discussions are planned to stimulate interactions within the TREASURE network and with the wider community.

For latest information about the workshop and registration


 Bath location

Second TREASURE School

Date: 19 – 23 November 2018

Host:  University of Bath, Bath, UK

The focus will be on Fellows’ research topics, giving an opportunity for top international experts to provide insight on the Fellows’ research, offering the opportunity to interact and learn.


 Labege location

Second TREASURE Workshop

Date: June 2019

Host: Noveltis, Labège, France

By this stage, the Fellows will be well advanced in their research and the project nearing its main practical outcomes, with new PPP and RTK algorithms already being tested. Also, work on the conceptual prototype and market introduction will have progressed sufficiently to warrant initial exposure to the community.


 Torino location

Third TREASURE School

Date: December 2019

Host: Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy

This will take place at the time when Galileo’s full operational capability is expected, giving an exceptional opportunity to assess the state of the art in GNSS high accuracy positioning, in particular, the realistic contribution of EGNSS.  Because this event will take place at a time when the Fellows will be at the top of their game, the interactions will serve to help them benchmark their work and seek advice for a ‘final-push’ in their research.


 Leidschendam location

Third TREASURE Workshop

Date: May 2020

Host:  Fugro Innovation & Technology B. V., Leidschendam, NL

All Fellows will contribute, and a thorough review of results will be carried out by the research leaders and members of the Steering Board. The result of this appraisal workshop will guide the final stages of the project; external speakers will be invited to help steer this process.


 Nottingham location

Final Conference (and Industry Exhibition)

Date: October 2020

Host:  University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

The aim is to maximise the impact of TREASURE’s final outcomes by introducing them to the market. A range of external speakers will be invited to provide a European wide dissemination of the project. At this stage, a number of quality papers and presentations of TREASURE’s research and practical results will have been published and the conference will attract industry and academia, not only in Europe but worldwide. Exposure of results and of the Fellows themselves will boost the exploitation of TREASURE and the job prospects of its young researchers.