The first TREASURE workshop “Initial Developments and Interaction with Academia and Industry” was held at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) Headquarters in Rome on 17-18 April 2018.

The workshop was the first official occasion for the TREASURE fellows to present their initial achievements. Some invited speakers, external and internal to the project’s network, presented research topics related to the TREASURE project, resulting in useful discussions with the fellows and with the project partners. The event fully complied with its objectives, allowing the fellows to expose their research initial directions and gather feedback from within and outside the TREASURE network.

Workshop sessions:

Coherently with the TREASURE WPs, the workshop was organized according to the following sessions:

1. Error modelling to support GNSS high accuracy positioning: Ionospheric and tropospheric phenomena that need to be modelled and predicted to support the mitigation of their effects on GNSS high accuracy techniques such as PPP (Precise Point Positioning) and NRTK (Network Real Time Kinematic), as well as the development of real-time precise orbits, in particular for Galileo, which are required especially for PPP. 
This session includes the objectives of TREASURE WP1 and WP2.
2. Interference and scintillation mitigation: State of the art research necessary to develop mitigation techniques for interference and ionospheric scintillation, which impair the performance of real-time PPP and NRTK. The use of a software defined radio receiver is also addressed in the context of this session.
This session includes the objectives of TREASURE WP3.
3. Expectations in PPP and RTK: New strategies and algorithms that will enable to achieve the sought after high accuracy real-time EGNSS solution and their potential implementation as part of a future commercial service.
This session includes the objectives of TREASURE WP4.
4. Market opportunities for real-time GNSS high accuracy positioning: Investigation of a suitable and interoperable ICT infrastructure for the exploitation of the innovative tools to be developed in the project, as well as with the research around the strategy that will enable the introduction of these solutions to the market.
This session includes the objectives of TREASURE WP5.

The Event:

In order to enable the interaction between fellows and the audience, in particular external participants, the coordinator and supervisors, a slot of 30 minutes was assigned to each of the fellows to give an oral contribution lasting up to 20 minutes, with a mandatory 10-minute minimum slot for discussions. Such approach proved very effective in stimulating the desired interaction, providing an important opportunity for the fellows to benchmark their work as well as to create new collaborative links to help further their research.

Kai Guo (ESR7, UNOTT) presenting his work on GNSS signal tracking error models
Jon Bruno (ESR2, UoB) giving a talk on his research on ionospheric tomography
Paola Testa (ESR12, Noveltis) introduces her latest investigations on GNSS downstream markets

The contribution from additional workshop speakers covered research topics involving the ionosphere, space weather, high accuracy positioning and market analysis.

Manuel Hernández-Pajares (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC)) talks about ionospheric sounding with GNSS and real-time applications
Group photo of workshop attendees at INGV’s Headquarters

The workshop was deemed very successful and gathered altogether 49 attendees (including the 13 ESRs). At the end of the second day a social dinner was organized at the Restaurant L’archeologia.

Group Photo of the TREASURE Fellows at the social dinner

Given the important role played by INGV in monitoring the Italian seismic activity, not only for scientific purposes but also to address the rescue operated by the Civil Protection, the local organizers ran a visit to the INGV seismic monitoring room, which was enthusiastically attended by the workshop participants.

Visit to the INGV seismic monitoring room

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Workshop Presentations

ESR 1 Juliana Damaceno (INGV)

ESR 2 Jon Bruno (UoB)

ESR 3 Karl Bolmgren (UoB)

ESR 4 Hongyang Ma (TU Delft)

ESR 5 Caner Savas (Polito)

ESR 6 Wenjian Qin (Polito)

ESR 7 Kai Guo (UNOTT) 

ESR 8 Brian Weaver (UNOTT)

ESR 9 Dimitrios Psychas (Fugro)

ESR 10 Francesco Darugna (Geo++)

ESR 11 Hossein Ghobadi (INGV)

ESR 12 Paola Testa (Noveltis)

ESR 13 Lotfi Massarweh (Deimos)

Filippo Rodriguez IPS Project (TELESPAZIO)

J.F. Galera Monico Networks for monitoring Ionospheric Scintillation (UNESP)

M. Hernández-Pajares Recent Research on Iono Sounding (UPC)

Marcio Aquino TREASURE Introduction (UNOTT)

Martin Schmitz Consistent GNSS SSR Corrections (Geo++)

Monica Pesce Exploring the market for new services (VVA)

Muhammad Ammar Estimation of DCBs using a simulator (UNOTT)

Steffen Schön High Accuracy GNSS Positioning  (Hannover)

Wu Chen HK GNSS Infrastructure (POLYU HK)