General Information

Fugro Innovation & Technology B. V., based in Leidschendam, in Holland, is part of Fugro NV (listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange, 12000 FTE), which was founded in 1962 and is currently the world’s largest integrator of geotechnical, survey, subsea and geosciences services. Fugro is the world’s leading provider of precise onshore and offshore GNSS services. Fugro Intersite BV develops and produces positioning systems for the offshore industry. To guide and support all offshore survey activities they provide a comprehensive suite of navigation software that provides the guidance displays, data storage and sensor interfacing that are needed for Fugro’s survey activities. High levels of accuracy can be achieved through their G2+ (PPP-RTK) service, which is an Ultra-precise GPS and GLONASS Global Positioning Service, using Clock and Orbit Corrections enhanced with carrier-phase corrections from the Fugro’s G2 Network. Fugro also uses a range of other techniques such as Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and visualisation systems (positioning using cameras), and their systems and services are used by oil and gas companies, dredging firms and construction companies. In their group (60 FTE), 40 scientists are continuously and actively dedicated to developing new software and hardware to support their products. All these scientists are based in Leidschendam.

Research Facilities

Fugro has Development Centres in the Netherlands (where the secondment will take place-D Lapucha at the Fugro- Change will act as additional mentor for ESR9), UK, Norway, USA, and Australia. They maintain a Global GNSS network of 150 reference stations, 9 Satellite uplinks and 2 Network Control Centres. Fugro will provide the Fellow with office space and the necessary facilities (desk, computer, access to GNSS data and internet, access to the reference station data)

TREASURE Research Projects

  • Fast and reliable multi-GNSS PPP with integer ambiguity resolution