General Information

Geo++ was founded in 1990 by Dr Gerhard Wübbena and is based in Garbsen close to Hannover, Germany. Geo++ is a technology company, a leader in developing innovative GNSS measurement- and processing concepts in satellite based surveying and navigation. Examples are the development and promotion of the concept of GNSS reference station networks, RTK Networking, absolute field calibration of GNSS antennas and near- and far-field calibration of GNSS stations. A current focus is the State Space Representation (SSR) of GNSS error components as a modern alternative to DGNSS correction data. Geo++ develops GNSS satellite navigation and positioning software and systems. Geo++ software products are one of the leading RTK networking solutions worldwide. 

Research Facilities

  • Geo++ GNSMART software for RTK networking and services;
  • Geo++ GNNET-RTK software for RTK rover application, in collaboration with customers access to different

RTK network data worldwide
The support staff of Geo++ is very experienced in setting up experimental environments for verifications of new models, features and enhancements as well as analysis of these in RTK networks (post-processing or real-time mode). A broad range of in-house developed analysis tools or program functionality will be used to execute complex analysis tasks.

TREASURE Research Projects

  • Improved high accuracy RTK positioning