General Information

Founded in November 1998, the activities of Noveltis are devoted to the promotion of scientific expertise and its federation in the domain of Environmental and Space Sciences. Noveltis activities are led by its highly qualified, academic personnel in the domains of physics, mathematics and computer sciences. In this context and as a key point of the company’s strategy, Noveltis has generated and strengthened numerous partnerships with French and European space research laboratories. This synergy between private company and public research has led to satisfactory and promising results according to our customers’ expectations. Today, the Noveltis staff consists of 43 full-time members, most of them being PhD scientists or engineers. Moreover, in accordance with its activities and in coordination with the French Space Agency (CNES) and the French Governmental Research Agency (CNRS), Noveltis is regularly co-financing a couple of PhD fellowships. Noveltis deliberately focuses its activities on remote sensing developments in Environmental Science and in Science of the Universe. Within this scope, Noveltis fosters inter-disciplinary aspects, both regarding the transfer of techniques and physical models from one domain to another, and the physical coupling of geophysical models, e.g., atmosphere/ocean, open ocean/coastal waters, ionosphere/atmosphere. Furthermore, Noveltis is deeply involved in the promotion of proven astrophysical research techniques in support of developments in Earth observation.

Research Facilities

Noveltis has all the facilities allowing ESR12 to use the prototype implemented in the framework of this project like: Computation shall be carried out by a high-performance Linux cluster, consisting of 224 cores distributed over 15 nodes (each including 2 AMD Opteron 6128 Octo Core 2.0GHz processors). Every node has a 24 GB memory, for a total of 460 GB. Nodes are interconnected through an InfiniBand (40Bb/s) network. Computations are saved on a parallel distributed file system (Lustre).
A dozen of other Linux computation servers are also available for technical studies, as well as a Sun Solaris server. All computing equipment is guaranteed by a service contract providing intervention within 1 day. All hardware problems are solved within a day.
Noveltis engineers rely on every technical and logistical support to properly and fully achieve their work.
Mr Richard BRU, as Noveltis’ CEO, makes sure that every administrative, logistical and financial aspect is under control and sees to it that every means required for the smooth implementation of our services is made available. 

TREASURE Research Projects

  • Market introduction of the TREASURE conceptual prototype