Our very successful TREASURE Autumn School titled “PPP and RTK error modelling: the challenges for ambiguity resolution” took place in Bath, UK, 19-22 November 2018. This is the second of our series of three seasonal schools and focused on the specific PhD topics of the TREASURE fellows.

Top international experts gave attendees the opportunity to interact and learn in an open school, with students external to the TREASURE network also participating. Lectures included Atmospheric modelling (TEC, scintillation, TIDs, troposphere), Tomography, Data assimilation, Scintillation mitigation, Multi-GNSS PPP and RTK and more. Lecturers included many from within the TREASURE network, such as Hans Visser from Fugro Intersite, Cathryn Mitchell from the University of Bath, Richard Langley from the University of New Brunswick, Peter Teunissen from Curtin University, Sreeja Veettil from the University of Nottingham, Sandra Verhagen from Delft University, Jihye Park from Oregon State University, Marcin Grzeiak from the Polish Academy of Science and others.

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The TREASURE Autumn School was held in the beautiful city of Bath in Southwest England. Bath was founded in the 1st century by the Romans, who used the natural hot springs as a thermal spa. The historic buildings and its setting in the landscape have earned Bath a place on the UNESCO World Heritance List.

The Venue

The venue was the MacDonald Bath Spa Hotel, Sydney Road, Bath, BA2 6NS, United Kingdom.