The Third TREASURE Workshop: “Appraisal of scientific and technological output” was successfully held as a virtual meeting.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a change of plans with respect to the initial proposal for this event, originally scheduled to take place in The Netherland 5-6 May 2020, hosted by TREASURE beneficiaries Fugro. With The Netherlands and a large part of the world in lockdown around March 2020, there was great uncertainty about the possibility to travel and we were forced to cancel the event as originally planned. The event was then re-scheduled to 11-13 May and held online using Microsoft Teams, while still hosted by Fugro.

The workshop was the project’s last event before all TREASURE fellows end their employment contract with their host beneficiaries. The aim was primarily to allow them to expose their research outcomes and gather feedback from the project’s network. With the project in its final year, the workshop displayed TREASURE’s S&T and business outcomes. All fellows contributed and a thorough review of results was carried out by the research WP leaders and members of the SB. This appraisal workshop was meant to guide the final stages of the project.

Workshop sessions:

1a. Advanced ionospheric modelling to support PPP and RTK: this session deals with ionospheric phenomena, such as scintillation, rapid TEC changes and TIDs, which need to be modelled and predicted to support the mitigation of their effects on GNSS high accuracy techniques;

1b. Advanced tropospheric modelling and orbit determination to support PPP and RTK: this session covers advanced tropospheric modelling as well as the development of real time precise orbits, including new systems such as Galileo, that are needed to support PPP and RTK;

2. State of the art GNSS software receiver, Interference and scintillation mitigation for high accuracy positioning: this session focuses on mitigation techniques for interference and ionospheric scintillation, which impair the performance of real time PPP and RTK. The use of a software defined radio receiver is also addressed in the context of the research carried out in the TREASURE project;

3. High accuracy GNSS positioning algorithms to support real time PPP and RTK: this session involves state of the art algorithms for real time high accuracy GNSS positioning services and techniques;

4. ICT platforms and market strategies for real time GNSS high accuracy positioning services: this session deals with the investigation of a suitable and interoperable ICT infrastructure for the exploitation of the innovative tools being developed in the TREASURE project, as well as with the research around the strategy that will enable the introduction of these solutions to the market.

The final programme is available here. The workshop presentations can be found here.

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